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  • Riello Burners

Why do we use Riello Burners?

We choose Riello burners because they use less electricity and there is no standby heat loss due to its air gate.   It has a European design and is efficient even by European standards. It has an intermittent ignition, which adds life to the transformer.   High efficiency, extremely clean combustion and low maintenance.  With our yearly cleaning/maintenance it is an extremely cost effective burner.

Thermo Dynamics and Burnham Boilers

  • Thermo Dynamics

Thermo Dynamics is the best steel boiler on the market.  It comes with a 25 year warranty on the vessel and has the heaviest firebox out of any of the steel boilers on the market, which translates into longevity.  It is extremely efficient, and its extended flanges make it easy to repair if necessary.  It’s combination of efficiency, cost, and longevity is unbeatable.

  • Burnham boiler

Burnham boiler: When it comes to cast iron boilers, we choose Burnham because of their efficiency and their “smart” engineering.  If you are looking for longevity and performance, this is the boiler for you.





  • Hot Water Heaters

We use Superstor and Weil-McClain direct and indirect hot water heaters and Aquabooster storage tanks. They all come with a lifetime warranty on the tanks.  These tanks are well engineered and extremely reliable.


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