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Programmable Thermostat Problem and Easy Fix

Programmable thermostats are great for managing the heat of your house and conserving on fuel usage.  One thing you can’t forget if you have one of these is to annually REPLACE the batteries.  If you don’t check, the batteries will eventually corrode the terminals and render the thermostat useless which will result in no heat and a service call that is not covered under most fuel oil contracts.

The batteries, even while corroding can provide enough energy to make the thermostat appear to be fine and then when it finally dies, you need new batteries and a new thermostat.  Even if the batteries look good they MUST be changed annually.  The cost of buying a new programmable thermostat ranges from $70 dollars onward so do yourself a favor and replace the thermostat batteries each time you change your fire alarm batteries and/or carbon monoxide alarm batteries.

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